Aerospace Grade Alloys
Created date: 2022-10-22

Xinxiangsheng Metals offers a range of alloys for aerospace applications. Aerospace alloys are used for a wide variety of applications, such as bearings and bushings in landing gears and cargo doors, wheel and brake components, wing and tail actuators, hydraulic pump components, pylons, and many other demanding applications where heavy loads, corrosion, and abrasion are issues of concern. 

AMS 4533 (C17200) Beryllium Copper

Available in solid & hollow bars, and plates

This copper alloy can have the highest mechanical properties of all copper alloys. This alloy also has excellent bearing qualities with extremely high compressive strength for high loading applications. It also has excellent abrasion and corrosion resistant properties, plus outstanding cryogenic characteristics (for space applications).

AMS 4640 'H' (C63000) Nickel Aluminum Bronze

Available in solid bars and plates

A high strength, tough nickel aluminum bronze used where high mechanical properties are required. This alloy is a heat treatable aluminum bronze containing 5% nickel, that provides excellent bearing properties with good corrosion resistance. It is used extensively for aircraft landing gear bushings, bearings, and other components.

AMS 4881 'D' Continuous Cast (C95520) Nickel Aluminum Bronze

Available in solid & hollow bars

A special heat treatment process improves the mechanical properties beyond the range of commercial aluminum bronzes. This alloy is an extra high strength version of nickel aluminum bronze. It is used where parts require extra high strength and hardness with some ductility and toughness. Typical applications include military aircraft bushings involving heavy loads, abrasion, and high deformation. The extra high strength characteristics provide extreme wear resistance for extreme loads, abrasive wear, and high impact landings (such as aircraft carrier landings).

AMS 4616 (C65620) Silicon Bronze

Available in solid bars

A special high-strength silicon bronze; the additional iron content provides added strength in conjunction with the self-lubricity of the silicon for excellent bearing and load properties. Easily machined into a ball bearing cage assemblies!

AMS 4634 (C64200) Silicon Aluminum Bronze

Available in solid bars

This silicon aluminum bronze combines the self-lubricity of the silicon with the higher mechanical properties of aluminum bronze and is sometimes used in place of C63000 where specifications permit a lower strength material offset by its lubricity. Typical applications involve valve stems, gears, marine and pole line hardware, wing pylons, bolts, nuts, bushings and valve body components.

C67300 (SAE J463, J461) Manganese Bronze

Available in solid & hollow bars

This is a high strength manganese bronze with typically good bearing and self-lubricity properties. This alloy maintains high impact resistance with good machinability making it well suited for clutch bearings, shaft bushings, sleeve bearings, thrust bearings, pump parts, drive shafts, bearing pins, wear plates, gears and cams. Resists squashing out under high loads and extreme wear applications.

AMS 4862 (C86300) Manganese Bronze

Available in solid & hollow bars

This cast manganese bronze is typically supplied in a continuous cast or centrifugally cast bars and tubes for high load gear and bearing applications. This material achieves over 110 KSI tensile strength and an elongation of 14% minimum. It is excellent for applications requiring high strength metal to metal wear.

AMS 4842 (C93700) High Leaded Tin Bronze '80-10-10'

Available in solid & hollow bars

This is a high leaded tin bronze used for high speed and heavy pressure applications where corrosion resistance is necessary. The increased lead content provides added self-lubricity within the family of tin bronzes. Excellent machinability at 80%!

AMS 4871 (C95400) Aluminum Bronze '9C'

Available in solid & hollow bars and wear plates

This is the most popular aluminum bronze and is used in a lot of different industrial applications. This extra tough bearing material is used for heavy loads with good resistance to impact and corrosion. Aluminum bronze has a lot of good properties and is the most readily available high strength bearing material.

AMS 4880 'E' Continuous Cast (C95510) Nickel Aluminum Bronze

Available in solid & hollow bars

These are the most popular landing gear bushing materials specified today along with C63000 material. These continuous/centrifugal cast alloys are heat treated alloys and exhibit high mechanical strengths which meet the properties of C63000 (AMS 4640). In many cases, C95510 (AMS 4880) can be substituted for C63000 with the advantage of the material being available in tube form which provides economic cost savings for you, the customer.

AMS 4590 (C63020) Nickel Aluminum Bronze

Available in solid & hollow bars

A special heat treatment process improves mechanical properties and strength-weight ratio beyond the range of commercial aluminum bronzes. For applications involving heavy loads, abrasive wear, friction, deformation and high temperatures.

C95500 Nickel Aluminum Bronze '9D'

Available in solid bars, tubes, shapes, wear plates and machined parts

C95500 Nickel Aluminum Bronze, also known as 9D, contains nickel similar to other grades of high strength aluminum bronzes, which makes it one of the toughest alloys in the industry. C95500 Nickel Aluminum Bronze also has superior resistance to sea water corrosion, heat resistance, good machinability, and weldability. Other benefits of CDA 955 are exceptional yield, compressive strength, high hardness, and fairly high elongation. This alloy can also be readily used for all lead-free applications.

UZ19AL6 Aircraft Bronze

Available in solid & hollow bars

This is a European high strength bearing bronze which is utilized by Airbus for landing gear components.

UN14ALZ Aircraft Bronze

This non-magnetic alloy has very high mechanical properties. This alloy is also resistant to seawater corrosion and to oxidation. This alloy also has excellent fatigue resistant properties.

UA11N (CuAl11Ni5Fe5) Nickel Aluminum Bronze

This Nickel Aluminum Bronze alloy has high mechanical properties and is oxidation and corrosion resistant in a saline mist atmosphere. Mainly used in the aeronautical industry for pump blocks, rings, bushings, and in bearings for landing gears.

SAE 841 (ASTM B-438, B-4831) Sintered Bronze

Available in solid & hollow bars

This oil impregnated bronze is one of the finest powder metal bearings on the market. The sintering process provides superior strength, reduced coefficient of friction, and uniform oil coating of the mating shaft during operation. The material is available in solid, cored, and rectangular bars from stock!

C96900 Spinodal Bearing & Bushing Bronze Systems

Available in solid & hollow bars

This is a high-performance alloy which can withstand high loads and operate under severe conditions. An excellent low friction, non-corrosive bronze alloy now available from our inventory.